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Written by Dr. Peter Klagyivik on Apr. 18th 2021
On the internet, it's all about converting your traffic to potential customers. And to do that, you need a good sales or marketing copy that can turn prospects into paying customers, and this is where Copywriting comes in hand!
Copywriters are not only experts at writing persuasive messages, but they also have deep knowledge of their niche market as well so if there seems like something with your website isn't working just right, then make sure you put them on the job because these people know what they're doing when it comes down to getting conversions from online audiences.
It's no secret that high-quality copywriters are in huge demand and command a hefty fee. If you're the owner of a small to a mid-size agency with a handful number of clients, it can be hard to find good copywriters on time consistently. It is simply out of reach for many business owners who don't have much capital or are just starting up their businesses because they either do not know what great copywriting entails or cannot afford higher rates than those offered by new freelancers without any experience whatsoever.
There is no denying that artificial intelligence has infiltrated every aspect of our lives; it was only a matter of time before seeing AI in copywriting. With the release of GPT-3 and other AI techniques, building an aide for writing quality content became much more accessible than ever!
With the competition in online marketing getting fiercer by the minute, it is not worth risking your business's SEO ranking with copywriting software that doesn't sound human enough.
I was sceptical at first, but as someone who doesn't speak perfect English, I needed help writing copy. Once I started using, it just felt exciting! I can't believe the difference this bot has made for my business. It's so much more cost-effective than hiring second class copywriters, and I never have to worry about lack of fresh, quality content again!
Let's go through the features, pricing, and customer support of in detail.

How does work?

Using is really simple. 
  • Select a framework.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Generate AI copy.
That's is! The magic is in step #2 and #3.


The dashboard is very user-friendly, with all the templates available. All templates have a self-explanatory name and description. This makes it easy to find the template you want in seconds!
The currently available templates of include the following:
  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Framework
  • PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) Framework
  • ​Marketing angles (brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your marketing)
  • ​Product description
  • ​Content improver
  • ​Creative story
  • ​Blog post topic ideas (comes up with tons of different ideas)
  • ​Blog post titles
  • ​Blog post outline (the structure of your post)
  • ​Blog post intro paragraph (complete introduction paragraph)
  • ​Blog post meta description
  • ​Sentence expander (short sentence into one or more longer sentences)
  • ​Perfect headline (for anything)
  • ​Website sub-headline (H2 for websites and landing pages)
  • ​Persuasive bullet points
  • SEO - Product page - Title and Meta descriptions
  • ​SEO - Service pages - Title and meta descriptions
  • ​Facebook ad headline
  • ​Facebook ad primary text
  • ​Google ads headline
  • ​Google ads description
  • ​Amazon product description
  • ​YouTube video topic ideas
  • ​YouTube video script outline
  • ​YouTube video titles
  • ​YouTube video introduction
  • ​YouTube video description
  • ​Email subject lines
  • ​Review responder
  • ​Personal bio
  • ​Company bio
  • ​Feature to benefit (turn your product features into benefits that compel action)
  • ​Before-After-Bridge framework
  • ​Unique value propositions (beta)
  • ​Real estate listing - residential (beta)
As you can see, whether you want to make a blog, online store or anything else that can be imagined. There are templates for all of it!
The templates are so organized that you can easily find the one your looking for. You have many different tags from which to select, like Marketing Frameworks or templates for websites, emails, videos.
It is really simple to use A few steps, some magic and your copy is ready.
For example in the Blog Post Intro Paragraph framework:
  • Enter the details on the product you want to write about.
  • ​Define your target audience.
  • ​Add the title of the post.
  • ​Optionally, set the tone you wish the post to be. There are several options, like Professional, Witty, Friendly, etc. I also tried Research-driven with excellent results.
  • ​Generate the AI copy.
I expected a simple intro paragraph but was pleasantly surprised to find the copy very well-written within a second. It just needs some editing before it's published on your blog as is.
The generated content can be copied to the clipboard right from your dashboard, or it can be added as a favourite, so you have easy access in the future.
Here is another example: how to write a complete blog post within 15 minutes?
In addition to the post outline and title, you can also generate a Metadata description with that will be used on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Enter your primary target keyword here to get an apt meta description for each one of these sites!
The Marketing Framework templates provide a lot of help when writing content for your sales letters and product launches. You will have well-defined sections to discuss Attention, Interest, & Desire which you can further work on and refine. The PAS framework is also similar in its approach by providing an outline with points based on the input provided from you as the user. I highly recommend using this template!
The Persuasive Bullet Points template is a fantastic option that provides you with a list of bullet points based on your input. You can use these bullets as the basis for blog posts, emails and courses or memberships!
You can generate fresh ideas for your marketing content by using the Marketing Angles feature, which gives you a list of different angles on how to approach it. Every single point is worth a post or email.
Hearing about the features of your product or service just isn't enough to make a sale. That's why Jarvis has an inbuilt feature for customizing these benefits into lists so that you can quickly and easily convey what sets you apart from any other company out there. The best part is the 'Emotional Benefits' outcome!
Jarvis's built-in Content Improver can help improve your existing content. All you have to do is input the raw data, and Jarvis will provide a better version of it. Choose which one best suits your needs!
In addition to English, supports several other languages as well, like German, French, Italian and Spanish. However, I don't recommend using this feature yet. You'll get much better results with English content translated into these languages using

Support offers live chat support that is quick to respond and accurate in their response on the app dashboard, as well as a very active Facebook community where users share details of how they use's tools for maximum potential with content pieces such as blogs or articles which is always helpful when trying new software like this one!
The training academy is full of short video tutorials to help you use the software. The text docs offer short articles, tips and tricks, as well as FAQs to keep you on top of things!
The Founders and the support team are always on hand to answer any important questions you may have. They also host webinars that show a demo of the product and how it can be used in your business. The webinar is recorded so that anyone who misses an event will still get all their information!
It's great to see what a fantastic and engaging customer focus the company has. The team is clearly passionate about their work, as they should be!


The pricing model is quite simple and straightforward. It costs $29/month for up to 20,000 words generated. You can also add 5,000 words to your plan at an additional cost of $10 if you have crossed that limit.
There is a 5 day free trial that comes with 10k free credits.
For a limited time, they're launching the Pro Unlimited plan that gives you an unlimited number of credits for $99/month. It's absolutely amazing as it also allows access to up to 3 team members! This price is valid only until 1st May.

Conclusion is a standout product in the crowded space of AI-assisted copywriting tools that will help you create clear and persuasive messages for your target audience.
If you're looking for an excellent long-form content generator with tons of templates and marketing framework ones, in particular, this is the tool worth trying out.

General Questions

What is, and how can I use it? is the answer to all of your content woes! It's your easy-to-use AI assistant that writes blog posts and emails for you in a matter of minutes. It will save you hours on tedious tasks like coming up with ideas or researching what words are trending most right now.

Is there a free plan of

You can have a 5-day free trial of 10,000 words.

How much does cost?

The Basic Plan costs $29/month, and you can generate 20,000 words. You can always buy 5,000 words for an additional $10 per month in any plan. And with the Pro Unlimited plan for $99/month, there is no limit in generating words.

Can completely replace a Copywriter?

No. Copywriting is a difficult skill to master, but can save you up to 90% of your work in writing as it's one of the most accurate AI tools out there - this means less time for tedious copy and more opportunities for creativity!

Is it worth trying

Definitely YES! It is an amazing tool that helps you be more efficient and more creative. And saves a lot of money you'd spend on copywriters.

Dr. Peter Klagyivik

Professional astronomer, digital marketer & AI expert
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